Greyston Bakery Do Goodies: Eat a Brownie, Do Good

Called Do Goodies, they come in four varieties – Chocolate Fudge; Walnut Fudge; Espresso Bean; and Brown Sugar Blondie; cost $2.49/generous brownie; and carry the following endorsement from Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben&Jerry’s: “The only brownies we ever eat!”

Actually, not only are Greyston Bakery’s brownies personal favorites of Ben & Jerry, these are the brownies the guys fold into their ice cream: The Brownie Artisans (I love the title) at Greyston are the exclusive producers of B&J’s brownie mix-ins.

The brownies have a deep, deep chocolate flavor (they’re made with unsweetened Belgian chocolate) and are super-fudgy, as in creamy and dense (and not at all cakey).

For now, the brownies are buyable at: Whole Foods (NY and NJ); Balducci’s; Good & Natural (Bronx); Westerly Natural Market; Fairway; Kings (NY and NJ); Food Emporium and Gristedes.

If you don’t live near a Do Goodie store, you can still get a taste of Greyston Bakery by baking from the book: The Greyston Bakery Cookbook: More Than 80 Recipes to Inspire the Way you Cook and Live.  The cookbook is terrific and it’s written by a friend and someone many of you may know, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, the founder of The Kitchn at Apartment Therapy.

Greyston_brownie_packs_4 It’s not often you can over-do it in the brownie department and feel really good about it.  At last, a(n almost) guilt-free indulgence.


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