Giveaway: The New Baking with Julia DVD

Over the course of 26 episodes, Julia hosted some of the best bakers in the country and they pulled out their favorite recipes and techniques for her.  What made the show so great – full disclosure, I created the book to go with the series, so I’m hardly an impartial reporter – was that there was such a great variety of recipes, from Marion Cunningham‘s easy-to-make muffins (on the DVD) to Alice Medrich‘s gorgeous project cake, the Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake (also on the DVD).

And, the series just wasn’t about sweets, there were fabulous breadbakers and bread recipes, too.  On this first DVD, you’ll see Steve Sullivan (on whom we all had a crush – Julia included) make the best-looking country loaf ever and Craig Kominiak make his foccacia, a bread I can never get enough of.

In addition, the DVD has Gale Gand, who later went on to have her own dessert show on the Food Network (a show I miss), Sweet Dreams; Nancy Silverton, who baked the brioche tart that made Julia weep; Leslie Mackie, whose tarts are rustic and luscious; and Mary Bergin, who reminds us of the goodness of old-fashioned chiffon cakes.

The book for the series,Baking with Juliais still available here.  And the new Baking with Julia DVD is available online, too.

But I’ve got five copies of the DVD to give away, thanks to A La Carte Communications.  (Sadly, only to people with a mailing address in the United States – I’m so sorry.)  All you have to do is leave a comment.  You can leave your comments up to midnight, Wednesday, December 9, and then I’ll randomly choose 5 winners and let you know who the lucky people are.

Good luck!  Good luck!  Good luck!

PS: As long as I can mail the DVD to an address in the US, then you’re eligible to win.