Galettes: So Many Kinds, All So Different, All So Delicious

This one’s a lacy crepe filled with egg and spinach, what I’ll always think of as a Popeye.  Everything that we know as a crepe is, indeed, a crepe, except that in Brittany, when the crepe isn’t sweet, it’s called a galette; it’s also made with buckwheat flour.  And at my favorite Parisian creperie, Breizh Café, there’s a dessert that’s a buckwheat galette topped with salted caramel ice cream … so much for following the rules.

This rustic tart?  A galette too.  Don’t ask why I didn’t take a picture of this when it came out of the oven.  Did Michael get to it immediately?  That must have been the reason.  But here’s another one. Untouched.
The Sable Breton made in a tart pan and covered with lemon curd and fruit in Around My French Table is a galette.  It kind of fits one of the descriptions of a galette as something puckish.  (Sorry, I only had a picture of a slice — the whole one’s in the book.)  
And here’s a smaller version of the Breton sable.  These cookies are actually very thin and not at all puckish.
 Once again, rules, schmules.  But once again, delicious.

Dorie Greenspan