French Fridays with Dorie: The First Recipe-Gougeres-and a Quick Peek Behind the Scenes

Thumbnail image for gougeres almost ready for prime time.jpg

If you’ve never made gougeres before, I urge you to rush to your kitchen and make them now!  As you can see, they look like cream puffs and, in fact, they’re made from the same almost magical dough: choux paste, or pate a choux.  The difference is that gougeres are cheesy not sweet, meant to start a meal not finish it.

When I’m in France, I like to use Gruyere for the cheese and when I’m in America, cheddar’s my choice.  And no matter where I am, I often spoon out the puffs, put them in the freezer and then, when they’re firm, pack them airtight and keep them there at the ready to be baked, straight from the freezer, no defrosting necessary, when I’m looking for a fabulous nibble with wine or Champagne.

By the way, the drink that’s accompanying the gougeres in the photo is Kir, a mix of white wine and creme de cassis — it’s the official aperitif of Burgundy, gougeres’ hometown.

I hope you loved cooking along with French Fridays with Dorie and that this will be the first of many times we’ll be in the kitchen and around my French table together.


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