French Fridays with Dorie: Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake and Hachis Parmentier Too (on All Things Considered)

So, I went back to my own kitchen and made the cake a few times until I had what I thought was a good recipe.  And then I had to do the testing all over again when I got back to America!  It’s always like this because the flour is so different in each place.

In fact, I never test a recipe in Paris.  I create recipes in Paris and, for sure, I get inspired to create new recipes when I’m in Paris, but I do all my testing in New York and Connecticut with American ingredients.  It’s important to do this with all the recipes, but it’s crucial to do it with baking recipes.  The flour in France is much softer than ours in the States and the butter and cream and milk aren’t really the same either. 

I always have some American flour and butter in the freezer in Paris, but I keep them there just in case I want to make a straight-from-the-US-of-A treat for my Parisian buddies.  But testing … it’s a strictly American thing.

Since I was on book tour last week, I missed the Hachis Parmentier that the French Fridays cooks made from AMFT.  But it’s a recipe I love and one I recently made with Michele Norris, host of NPR’s All Things Considered.  We made the dish in her kitchen in Washington, DC and the story about it will air on Monday, November 1.  Hope you enjoy it!


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