Evan Kleiman’s Pie-a-Day: A Terrific Project

Evan hasn’t confined herself to pies, there are tarts and tartlettes, too.  Nor has she restricted the form to sweets, there are savory entries as well.  In fact, yesterday’s entry was a baby greens pie topped with heirloom tomatoes and spooned into an oat crust that came from a recipe by Mark Bittman

This pie is a good example of another thing that makes Evan’s project so much fun — the recipes come from all over. 

Evan's Peach Blueberry Galette.jpgMost are Evan-centric inspirations, but there are recipes and photos that are sent in from Good Food listeners (the baby greens pie came from Melissa with a story about how she created the pie from lettuce that had gone bitter), and recipes that come from books (including mine — I was really excited to see that) and blogs and friends. It’s a wildly eclectic mix. I’m loving following Evan’s Pie-a-Day Project and I thnk you will, too.  After you take a look at what she’s done, take a look at what she does it in!  Scroll down this post from Serious Eats until you get to the last photo — it’s a surprise, for sure.


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