Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie: Chris Howard takes the Baking with Dorie iPad App for a spin

 Chris is one-third of CulinApp, the team behind my app.  (Should ‘app’ be capitalized?  I bet Apple’s got rules for this.  Note to self: find out!)  CulinApp’s other two-thirds are CEO Bob Huntley, and my long-time friend, television producer Geof Drummond.  I worked with Geof on Baking with Julia and these days he’s best known for Avec Eric (he just won an Emmy for the series!) and all those wonderful Julia and Jacques programs.

Chris Howard making crust with the app.jpg
Back to Chris … he’s an ace programmer (he’s the app’s software architect), but baking isn’t exactly his specialty and he probably would never have made a pie if he weren’t anxious to test his handiwork.
There are four ways to look at each of the over 20 recipes in the app and they all lead you to step-by-step video.  We shot the video in my Connecticut kitchen and made everything here from start to finish so that you can truly bake along with me – or, put another way – I can bake along with you!  And so, when you look at this picture of Chris, you can see that he’s checking his crust against the video.  I love it!
Chris Howard's pie and its twin on the app.jpg
And I loved that Chris’s pie came out looking just like the one I made during the video shoot – golden brown with traces of bubbled-over blueberry juice on top, which is just the way I like fruit pies to look.
I wrote about Chris and his first-ever ‘techno’ blueberry pie for Evan Kleiman’s wonderful Pie-a-Day Project.  You can find more of the story and the recipe on her blog.
PS: If you want to know when the app will be released (it should be within the next week or so), stay tuned here or put your name on CulinApp’s email list.


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