COOKIEBAR: John “Crash” Matos + Our Window

















Just when the window was finished, Crash spotted a small piece of another window and had the idea to paint our logo in it.  But to do it vertically.  And, of course,  from the inside, therefore backwards. This one got dicey until he and Josh, and Michael (The Kid’s father, my husband), figured out they could take the picture that was on my phone, turn it sideways and then look at it in a mirror!  Here’s our normal logo, designed by Kyle Poff











Now here’s Crash’s stylized, stretched out, backwards, vertical take on it.

Thumbnail image for IMG_4396.jpg















But here’s my favorite shot from the day: Crash polishing off a Chewy, Chunky Broundie, one of the new cookies in our line up.  

Crash with a Chewy Chunky Broundie.jpg


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