CookieBar Cocktail Cookies: Ready to be shipped for the holidays











Cocoa-Cayenne Cocktail Cookies

Dark as midnight and almost as mysterious, these cookies get their flavor from super-premium Valrhona pure cocoa and their edge from Maldon flake sea salt and just the right amount of cayenne pepper, an amount that sneaks up on you just when you thought the cookie’s pleasures were complete.

This is a great red-wine cookie.  Try it with a fruity red wine or, for a special treat, an artisan Lambrusco.

Parmesan-Rosemary Cocktail Cookies

To create this small cookie with its big flavor, we use very finely grated Italian D.O.C. Parmesan, finely chopped almonds and fresh rosemary that we hand-rub into the sugar to release its aromatic oils.  A sophisticated cookie with a high snackability quotient.

Nice with a dry white wine and even nicer with Prosecco.

Sesame-Sea Salt Cocktail Cookies

The fooler: It looks like a plain-Jane cookie, but the combination of black and white sesame seeds, ground almonds and fleur de sel, rare hand-raked French sea salt, conspires to make this cookie as perfect with wine, or with wine and cheese, as it is as a solo munchable.

Absolutely right with Champagne or a very dry, very crisp white wine.

Cranberry-Five Spice Cocktail Cookies

One taste and you’ll agree: fresh, puckery-tart New England cranberries are meant to be paired with Chinese 5-spice powder.  The powder, a blend of star-anise, anise seeds, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, is sweet and spicy, slightly warm and made to go with cranberries.  The cookie’s texture is like shortbread; its exotic flavor … like nothing else.

Try these with an off-dry white wine – a Pinot-Gris, a Pinot-Blanc, a Vouvray-sec or a Gewurztraminer would be lovely. 

I hope you’ll really enjoy them. And I hope that if you discover a great cookie/wine pairing, you’ll let us know.


Dorie Greenspan