Cookbooks Have a New Look: Like it?

Lunch at The Shop, by Peter Miller (to read and then cook from – charming!; photos by the Canal House crew)  

Smashing Plates, by Maria Elia (a new definition of Greek cooking – kind of Greek-California – delicious!)

Feast, by Sarah Copeland (I should write, “by the wonderful Sarah Copeland”. The book is as warm and welcoming as she is.)

Eat Your Vegetables, by Joe Yonan (a great cook, a great writer and a great person)

One Good Dish, by David Tanis (warm, homey, wanna-eat food)  

The Heart of the Plate, by Mollie Katzen (vegetables every way for everyone)  

My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz (sweet and savory recipes, stories and great pix)  

Sweet Cravings, by Kyra Bussanich  (gluten-free and gorgeous)


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