Catching Up: Paris

streusel-topped cherry tartlets

Even more random, but not wholly unrelated to food is this hat from the whimsical and wildly talented Marie Mercie.  Her shop is on the rue Saint Sulpice, near my apartment, and I always stop to see what new hats she has.  While Paris was having a heat wave, this snail hat remained cool.

snail hat from Marie Mercier

And here’s the vegetable plate from Le Comptoir.  Those of you who know me, know my rule: If there’s an empty table at Le Comptoir, grab it.  Usually following this rule means having lunch after 3 pm, but one afternoon, Michael and I returned by the market at about noon and there was a table on the terrace, the two-top that immediately became ours.  When this dish arrived, a woman two tables down looked at my plate and exclaimed: I should have had that!  I passed her a small plate of vegetables and, in return, she sent over a piece of her terrific tuna.  (And yes, she was French.  I add this because it surprised one of my French friends.)

vegetable platter from Le Comptoir, Paris


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