Bubble, Bubble, Toil, No Trouble: A New Soap


Just so you know, the cute farmer on the bottle is Michael Newburg, Amelia’s husband.  You’ve heard me talk about him lots because he’s the man who grows the best greens on earth and also the person responsible for teaching me how to keep his great greens fresh.

Here are the uses for the soap listed on the side of the bottle:  Hands, body, oily hair and pets; dishes, appliances, counter tops, cabinets, porcelain and tile surfaces; floors, woodwork, walls; produce (Amelia and Michael say you can add a drop or two to a salad spinner, rinse and spin); laundry; carpets and fabrics with spots and stains; cars and, my favorite, tractors.  I love this idea of one-stop soaping.

Here’s what I think is so delicious about the soap:  its smell.  The soap, which is a concentrate (you pour a little into a dispenser, then add water), is based on organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils and aloe vera and gets its scent from essential lavender, rosemary, oregano, marjoram and nutmeg oils with some grapefruit and rosemary extract mixed in.  You can see why any foodlover would fall for the fragrance.

When I got to the Farm, Amelia had only four bottles of the soap left


But there’ll be a batch arriving Monday (August 27) and, by Monday, she’ll have everything about the soap and how to buy it on the Farm’s site (where you can also sign up to buy the Farm’s handmade paprika).

Each bottle holds 32 ounces, comes with a foaming dispenser, costs $18 and, because you dilute it, is probably enough to keep even Mr. Clean happy for a very long time. I know it kept me happy through the lunch dishes.

Dorie Greenspan