Bottlerocket: Wines for All

Built on the idea that wine is meant to go with food, a concept the French have been trying to get us to understand for years, there are kiosks throughout the store displaying wines that go with our major food groups:  meat, seafood of all kinds, poultry, treats (that’s the sweet stuff) and the category beloved by so many New Yorkers, take-out.  In fact, at this kiosk, along with the wines and their informative and often funny tasting notes, you can also pick up take-out menus from local places.

If you like the idea of choosing your wine to go with your food but you haven’t a clue what you’re going to have for dinner, worry not – Bottlerocket’s got you covered.  At the back of the store you’ll find bunches of cookbooks and a nice comfy table where you can spread out and plan your upcoming feast.  The only thing that might distract you is the nearby kids’ corner, where, in addition to a shelf full of picture books, there’s a kid-sized table covered in chalkboard.  It’s a fun place for the little ones – and others – to hang.  Here’s the proof: