Books by Friends: Baking Cookbooks




BAKE! For 30 years, Nick Malgieri has been at the head of the class of baking teachers and now he’s put all his lessons between the covers of this book.  Puff pastry?  It’s here.  Danish?  Natch.  Breads?  Would it be a baking course if you didn’t learn about yeast?  And once you’ve learned the techniques, Nick gives you plenty of recipes to practice what you’ve learned.  School’s rarely been this delicious.







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GOOD TO THE GRAIN: Now that there are so many interesting grains available in supermarkets, don’t you wonder what you can do with them?  I mean, what is teff and can you really bake something tasty with it?  Well, Kim Boyce will see that you do.  I don’t know Kim, a former pastry chef at Spago and Campanile, where she worked with Nancy Silverton on her sandwich book, but I do know her co-author Amy Scattergood.  If Amy wrote about watching paint dry, I’d read her – that she’s writing about a subject we care about, makes this book all the more interesting.





BON APPETIT DESSERTS: Finally, after producing the Bon Appetit Cookbook and then the Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook, my friends at the magazine have gotten around to collecting the best of their dessert recipes.  It’s a comfort to have these recipes neatly bound, especially for me, since I clip recipes like mad and then can’t ever seem to put my hands on them when I need them.







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THE GOURMET COOKIE BOOK: While the Bon Appetit Cookbook is a brick of a book, the Gourmet Cookie Book is a tiny treasure.  I don’t know how the editors ever whittled down their choices, but they managed to select one cookie to represent each of the 68 years that the beloved magazine was published.  There’s a picture for every cookie, making it all the more difficult for us bakers to decide where to start – every cookie has its charms.

Savory Cookbooks next.

I hope I haven’t forgotten any of my friends’ books and I look forward to hearing about your favorite baking books of the season. 

PS: I knew this would happen, I knew I’d forget someone.  And the someone is a good friend who’s worked on a lovely book.  The friend is Kerrin "My Kugelhopf" Rousset and she translated the beautiful Laudree, The Sweet Recipes.  Apologies, apologies.

Dorie Greenspan