It All Starts Today

The site launches today (probably around noon, Eastern Time) and it’s got way too many features for me to outline here, so I’m just going to hit the biggest deal: The Bon Appetit Top 100 Dishes, with endless information about each dish.  There are how-to videos, slideshows, tips, tricks, links to info on and sources for ingredients, related articles from everywhere and comments and ratings from users.  There’s also Bon Appetit’s Flickr group, a You Tube channel, a Facebook Fan page and Project Recipe, which has Chris Hall, an experienced home cook from Berkeley, and Bridget Moloney, a novice from New York City, cooking and blogging their way through all the recipes.

When I was with some of the site designers in Las Vegas last week, they were so excited they could barely sit still — and they didn’t: When they were talking about the site they just kept popping out of their chairs!  They’ve worked on this a long, long time and they were counting down the seconds til launch day.  Now, the day is here, and I’ve got to say, I’m excited, too.  Hope to bump into you there.

Dorie Greenspan