Bloggers Who Lunch

As soon as we bloggers sit down, we pull out our cameras the way the generations before us pulled out their packs of Lucky Strikes.  And the instant the dishes are set down, it’s click, click, click.  It’s incredibly amusing and so interesting to see how each person gets a different shot.

And speaking of different shots, Meg and David got much, much better pictures than I did, so to see the salad of thinly shaved vegetables from Michelin-3-star-chef Alain Passard‘s garden, the hand-cut steak tartare (so good), the meltingly tender braised pork cheeks or the perfectly cooked pasta, you’ll have to visit them.

Oh, and when you do, you’ll also learn more about the talented, charming — and very good-looking — Pierre Jancou, Racine’s chef/owner/wine ace.


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