Be A Good Cookie: Baking for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

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Later we got to play with some new OXO tools, all created so that when you buy them, a portion of the price will go to Cookies For Kid’s Cancer.  (More here.)  I had gotten a chance to use the new Dusting Wand last month and have since bought three!  The wand is easy to fill and while one side of the ball is perforated for dusting, the other isn’t – which is brilliant: it means that you can rest the duster on the counter without getting flour or sugar or cocoa or fairy dust all over it and everything else.





CFKC Sticker











When you see this sticker on an OXO product, you’ll know that OXO will donate 25 cents in support of pediatric cancer research as part of its $100,000 pledge to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. 



Oxo Good Cookies demo






It was a wonderful night to “be a good cookie”.  If you’d like to be a good cookie, jump over to the OXO Be A Good Cookie page and see what you can do.

PS: As part of ‘being a good cookie,’ I did a series of #OXOGoodTipsVideos.  I think they were the shortest videos I’ve ever done – not one of them is over 15 seconds! – but they were also among the most fun to shoot.  All of my tips are about baking (no suprise) and are part of my helping Cookies For Kids’ Cancer spread the word about Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  You can find my videos as well as all the other Good Tips Videos here. 





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