Baking with Dorie: EVO and Yogurt Cake

The evo in the recipe’s title is extra-virgin olive oil, and it’s what gives the cake its rich flavor and moist texture.  The other star ingredient is yogurt, plain, unflavored and wonderfully tangy.

In this version of the recipe (it’s based on a recipe using flavorless oil and lemon that is a French staple), I’m using lime, but you can use anything citrusy that you have on hand.  You can also soak the cake in a citrus and/or rum syrup or glaze it with marmalade or jam.  Or you can just leave it as it — since as is is great.

You can find the recipe in this week’s Baking with Dorie column at Serious Eats.  I hope you’ll make it.  And I bet, if you do, you’ll make it again and again and again.  I do.

Dorie Greenspan