Baking with Dorie: Chocolate-Amaretti Heartbreakers

The idea to make chocolate-amaretti waffles (which can be dried and turned into cookies; see the recipe) came from wanting to pump-up a waffle with the flavors I love in my Fifteen-Minute Magic Cake, a chocolate amaretti torte (page 276 in Baking From My Home to Yours, for those of you who have it).  It’s a truly great flavor combo and I think it’s a kick that it translates to waffles.

You can serve the waffles whole, giving everyone (or just your Valentine) five connected hearts topped with ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream (why not? it’s a holiday), or you can separate the hearts and use them to make ice-cream sandwiches.  If you want to go all out with the sandwiches, have a bowl of hot fudge sauce on the table so you can dip and double dip.

Dorie Greenspan