Baking with Dorie: Banana Cake Big and Small

When I baked these, they rose and worked themselves over the top of the muffin cups and onto the tin, which I thought was great because that way, one part of the cake, the over-the-top part, was just a little crispy around the edges.  I was using a nonstick pan, so it wasn’t a problem to unmold the wide tops, but if your pan is “normal,” you should butter or spray the area around the muffin cups.

I’m in Paris now and just went banana shopping.  Who knows, by the time I’ve got to pack and leave, I might be making banana cakelets here, too.

A word about Ellen Einstein:  I met Ellen ten years ago when I was on a book tour (which book? I can’t remember) and doing a television show in Nashville and Ellen was the talented food stylist.  We kept in touch after that and have seen one another many times in New York and Paris.  Then, a few years ago, Ellen and her husband, Dan, opened Sweet Sixteenth, the kind of bakery/cafe everyone wants in their neighborhood.  If you’re in the neighborhood, GO!  My husband travels to Nashville often and always makes Sweet Sixteenth his first stop – lucky guy.


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