Bacon: Make Mine Sweet

The tartlet would have made anyone sit up and pay attention, but it made me giggle because, only the night before, at Dovetail, a new restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the menu offered a brioche bread pudding with bananas and bacon brittle.  Yum, right?

Well, the bacon brittle looked pretty startling on the menu, but it was ringing bells in my head.  A quick Google and I found lots of recipes on sites as different as Chowhound, Off the Bone and the Chicago Sun-Times, which took the recipe from the book, Everything Tastes Better with Bacon.

And I think I remember seeing something about bacon cream – maybe bacon-infused cream that’s whipped or put in a siphon – I just can’t remember exactly how it was done or where I saw it.  But I’m not worried, I have a feeling it will turn up soon.  Maybe even tomorrow night …

Any bacon sweets in your neighborhood?  Maybe even chez you?

Dorie Greenspan