All Things Considered Considers Tarte Tatin

Last week, just before coming to Paris, I flew to Washington and spent the most marvelous day in Michele’s kitchen – a room made for buddy baking – peeling apples, caramelizing butter and sugar and crafting a big, luscious Tarte Tatin with flaky, buttery pie dough, the perfect Gallic-American mix.

I was delighted that Michele had chosen the Tarte Tatin for our next lesson, not just because it’s one of my favorites, ideal for apple season and fabulously delicious, but because it’s one of those recipes that you think is way too hard to make at home and that turns out to be something you can master quickly and make your own. 

You can get the recipe and listen to us on the NPR/All Things Considered website, just click here.

Dorie Greenspan