A Good Recipe and the Fun of Following It: Potato and Wild Salmon Cakes

 It was a treat to not to have to decide how many potatoes would be the right amount and, instead, to weigh out 1 pound (I halved the recipe).  I liked going to the market and buying exactly the right amount of salmon.  And how relaxing to chop just enough ginger and garlic and to follow the instructions when it came to adding the tamari and sesame oil.

Are you getting the picture: mashed potatoes and wild salmon with bright add-ins.  I think it was the ginger and sesame oil that grabbed me.

I did precisely as I was told (okay, sometimes I don’t, but that’s usually only when I detect a mistake in the recipe and that wasn’t the case here) … until I got to the sauce.  The recipe called for what looked like a lovely dill sauce, but I’d forgotten to buy the dill.  And so, instead, I concocted a mayonnaise-based sauce with a little sriracha, sweet chili sauce, soy and basil.  And two days later, when we ate the remaining cakes, I topped them with a salsa made with tomatoes, red peppers, jalapeno and avocado. Actually, I think you could top these with anything – or nothing – and they’d still be a smash.

The recipe is in the March 2012 issue of Food & Wine and you can find it here.


Dorie Greenspan