May’s #cookiesandkindness Recipe is a Cocktail Cookie!

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Let’s go savory for this month’s #cookiesandkindness selection with Goat Cheese and Chive Cookies (page 385 in Dorie’s Cookies)!  We’ll still be making cookies and we’ll still be sharing them – of course! – but this month, let’s think about sharing them at a cocktail party, alongside a glass of wine (these are terrific with Prosecco) or at a picnic.  Think about dropping them at the doorstep of a good friend who needs a pick-me-up, your neighbors or even the wine shop where there’s someone who always gives you good advice.

The cookies are made like shortbread and, with the exception of the goat cheese and chives (or scallion greens), have an ingredient list similar to the ones that turn out shortbreads.  But for a reason I’ve never figured out, once baked (and despite the fact that there is no leavening), the cookies have the look and feel of biscuits – they’re tender and have layers.

A word on the goat cheese: choose one that’s soft, fresh (not aged), mushable, mashable and spreadable.  Cheeses like this are called chèvre (the word for goat in French) even in American supermarkets.

Bake, share your batches with family and friends and post with the tag #cookiesandkindness – xoDorie 

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Photograph by Davide Luciano