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Happiest New Year

I’m in Paris with my family for the holidays – it’s been our tradition for two decades and it’s one we treasure.  Here, it’s considered bad luck to wish anyone a “Bonne Année” (a Happy New Year) until the clock strikes midnight.  If you meet someone you’d like to extend greetings to, you say “bonne fin d’année” (happy end of year).  It seems a little complicated, but also charming and every year I try to get it right, both because I want to do what’s customary in my part-time home, and also because who wants to invite bad luck?  Not moi, for sure.

So now that midnight has struck around the world, I want to wish you all everything that is good and sweet for this new year.  I hope that it will be a year of health and happiness for you and those you love.  That this will be the year that a dream comes true.  That every day will bring at least one moment of friendship and love.  And if that moment includes something delicious to share with those who are special to you, so much the better.

Sending sweetness and love to you and yours – xoDorie 




Dorie Greenspan


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