Spring onions

Looking like fat scallions and sometimes marketed as Texas or salad onions, spring onions are white with long, thick (scallion-like) green stalks. (They’re not always available in all markets in all seasons.) They might have a skin that needs to be peeled away and depending on their age and variety, they’ll be mild or strong, although never as strong as bulb onions, which is one reason I like to use them. Another is their texture — firmer than scallions, softer than onions and therefore very good raw. While it is only the onion bulb that is called for in most recipes, you can chop the light green parts of the stalks into salads or use the darker parts to add more flavor to soups — just toss the stalks into the pot the way you would leek greens. If you can’t get spring onions, substitute white onions and for salads, sweet onions like Vidalia, Maui, or Texas sweets. AU OKAY?

Dorie Greenspan