All of the recipes in this book were tested in a still (nonconvection) oven. If you use a convection oven, I’d suggest you test whatever it is that you’re baking (or roasting) a little earlier than the recipe suggests. In fact, no matter the type of oven, it’s good practice to check on dishes early and often. I worked hard to give you the most accurate baking (and cooking) time ranges I could, but ovens vary wildly. Even two ovens that hit 350 degrees F precisely may take different times to bake a cake because of the way the heat cycles on and off (affecting just how long the oven keeps the prescribed temperature, how low it dips before it sends out more heat, and how long it takes the heat to bring the oven back up to temperature). Also, keep a thermometer in your oven, get to know your oven’s little quirks, and trust yourself — even if I say the cake should be done in 20 to 25 minutes, test the cake for doneness at 18 minutes, and don’t be afraid to keep it in the oven longer if it needs it.

Dorie Greenspan