Canola oil

It took me a while to realize that the brilliant yellow flowers that grow in the fields near the vineyards of Burgundy are colza, a plant used to make the oil that is known as rapeseed and is almost identical to supermarket-prosaic canola. Friends of mine from the region refer to colza as old-fashioned, because it was the oil their Burgundian grandmothers always used, but now it’s an oil they seek out for themselves. Canola/colza doesn’t have a distinctive flavor (something not true of artisanally roasted colza oil, but that’s something else altogether) and that, along with the fact that it has a high burning point, is one of its virtues. It can be used for frying and for making sauces like mayonnaise, where the oil flavor doesn’t need to be front and center.

Dorie Greenspan