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EVERYDAY DORIE: The Galley Arrives

The package looked a little worse for wear, but it contained just what I’d been waiting for: the galley for my next book, Everyday Dorie.

Galleys are bound first proofs.  Sometimes called ARCs, Advance Reading Copies, galleys are made from the first uncorrected layouts.  The pictures are in place, but they’re black and white – the book will have gorgeous color prints.  Also in place are the mistakes, including the hilarious typos, like the one that talks about the French Impressionist artist, Clyde Monet.  The name was meant to be Claude!  And what’s funniest is that there actually is a Clyde Monet, a musician.  Thank you, Google.

Mistakes are never funny, but these are a little easier to take because I know that they’ll all be corrected by the time Everyday Dorie is a real book in October.  

In the meantime, it makes me so happy to see the 368 pages bound together, and to be able to riffle through the book and  see recipes like the Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie (love this), the wonderful Molasses Coffee Cake and my beloved Lemon Goop (I can’t wait for you try this), flip by.



Dorie Greenspan


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