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Dorie’s Cookies: Flipping through the first-bound copy together

I think the technical term for what I’m holding in my hand is “first bound”. I just think of it as fabulous! What I’ve got is one of the first copies of Dorie’s Cookies to come off the press. All of the copies won’t be in for another month or more, but for now I’m flipping the pages and falling in love with the recipes and the amazing photographs all over again.

I wish you all had copies! Wouldn’t it be great if we could page through the book together? You could bookmark the recipes you want to try (I’m making the Classic Jammers again this afternoon and I think I’ll be making the Melody Cookies for friends tomorrow) and you could stand in wonder before the photographs by Davide Luciano. Working with Davide in my home in Connecticut was such a joy. He was here with his wife, the food stylist, Claudia Ficca, and her assistant, Cindi Gasparre. And Mary Dodd, my trusted recipe-tester was here too. We worked hard, we ate well, we drank wine to celebrate the end of every day. I’ll tell you more about this some another time, but today, I want to flip some of the pages with you. Here, in no particular order, is what you’ll see when your own copy of the book arrives.

Good, Better, Best Cookies - one good cookie that's good three different ways

Good, Better, Best Cookies – one good cookie that’s good three different ways

Cheddar-Seed Wafers - thin and crackly, wonderful with wine or beer and so much fun to make

Cheddar-Seed Wafers – thin and crackly, wonderful with wine or beer and so much fun to make

Melody Cookies - a treat from my husband's childhood

Melody Cookies – a treat from my husband’s childhood

The title page to a very useful chapter

The title page to a very useful chapter

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    1. I think you’ll love the whole thing! I’m bringing my one precious copy of the book to Paris next week, so you’ll see it – xo

  1. It is SO very beautiful (and looks like packed full of useful info too!). I love this “look”! Congrats XO

    1. Thank you, dear Mardi. I guess you’ve already figured this out, but the cookies on the banner of Everyday Dorie are ANZACs from the book – created with help from you and my other Toronto-by-way-of-Australia friend, Jennifer McLagan. xo

  2. I cannot wait till October when the book comes out. When I heard the date I have put it into my calendar to make sure I get it as soon as it is released. This is going to be so much fun making things from this. My BFF Craig who helps me with Christmas cookies said we need to plan after your book comes out and I totally agree. Your name is mentioned all the time at home when I bake things or cook things from your books. A big congratulations for having this first copy in your hands . Exciting for you and for us.

    1. Many, many thanks, Hilda – this message is so sweet! I think that you and BFF Craig will find lots of inspiration for Christmas cookies and I can’t wait to see what you choose.

  3. How exciting!!! Photos are beautiful. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive. I have LOVED your regular posts of photos and recipes during the past few months. What a perfect way to create anticipation and temptation!! Enjoy the first flush deliciousness seeing your baby in print.

    1. “First flush deliciousness” – ahhh. As I said to Saunya, I don’t want to be a tease, but I’m just so excited. If I could make time go faster, you can be sure I would.

    1. Many thanks! I feel like a tease showing pictures when the book won’t be out for a few weeks, but I’m too excited not to 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the pages. I’ve been checking the Amazon page, hoping to get a sneak peek. Can’t wait to hold it in my hand! I think I’ll start with the wafers.

      1. I just tried my first ever Dorie recipe and I think they are on the cover -World Peace cookies. I’m finally admitting cake is good but cookies are best. Pre-ordering now!

  5. This is so exciting, Dorie! I can’t even wait for my copy to come…hopefully before I head to the cabin late September…! It would be fun to bake and share your cookies with the locals in Beaver Bay, MN. I’ll be back in Paris for Thanksgiving – if you’re there, I’d love to say hi. 🙂 Congratulations on another beautiful book!!!!

    1. Nathan, I can’t wait for you to see the book! When you see the Beurre & Sel chapter, I know it will bring back memories of baking together in that freezing cold kitchen. Sadly, books don’t hit until October 25, so Beaver Bay, MN won’t have cookies this September, but next year … xoxo Dorie

  6. Thank you for sharing, my mouth is watering! What is the filling in the Good, Better, Best Cookies? See you in DC in October.

    1. Paula, it will be great to see you again when I’m in DC. The filling for the Good, Better, Best Cookies is a delicious Biscoff/Speculoos cookie spread.

  7. As a former TWD’r, I am SO excited to get this book! I cannot wait!!!! You are beloved, Dorie and I am so excited for this next baking adventure and cookbook!

  8. Already ordered can hardly wait!! Just filled my cookbook library with all your early books; Pancakes, Waffles and Sweet Times, now I have a whole Dorie shelf!

    1. Love this – thank you! Sometimes I forget about Pancakes … but my son never does. His copy is ragged. Can’t wait for you to put Dorie’s Cookies on the shelf!