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EVERYDAY DORIE celebrated its first birthday on October 23.  So many Oven-Charred Tomato-Stuffed Peppers (page 39), Triple-Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cakes (page 266; picture below), Sweet Chili Chicken Thighs (page 114), Ricotta Spoonables (page 22), Gougères (page 8), Salmon Rillettes (page 13), Chewy Chocolate-Chip Cookies (page 246), Last-of-the-Bunch Banana Bundts (page 251) and more!  And years ahead to revisit these and other favorites.  It meant so much to me to be able to write this book, to have a collection of the simple dishes I love to cook for family and friends, and it’s meant even more to me to know that you’re feeding the people you love with this food. 


For those of us who love food, October is Cookbook Month!  It’s the month when so many big books come out.  So many baking books too.
I can’t possibly write about all of the books I’m excited about this season, but here are some of them.  They’re all stacked in my kitchen – I’ve already made recipes from some and can’t wait to cook and bake from others.  (Disclosure – Because I’m an Amazon Associate, if I’ve linked a book to Amazon, I earn a payment from qualified purchases.)
Pastry Love, by Joanne Chang
Women on Food, by Charlotte Druckman
From the Oven to the Table, Diana Henry
Sababa, by Adeena Sussman
Midwest Made, by Shauna Sever
Dappled, by Nicole Rucker
Antico Forno Roscioli, by Elisia Menduni
When Pies Fly, by Cathy Barrow
Lasagna, by Anna Hezel
Pasta Grannies, by Vicky Bennison
From Scratch, by Michael Ruhlman
The Joys of Baking, by Samantha Senevirate
Eat the Joy, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett
Poilane, The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery, Apollonia Poilane
Let Me Feed You, by Rosie Daykin
Two Peas & Their Pod, by Maria Lichty
The Recipe, by Josh Emett
And, having nothing to do with cookbooks:
The Seine, Elaine Sciolino

And having a little to do with cookbooks and a lot to do with restaurants:
JGV: A Life in 12 Recipes, by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Michael Ruhlman
This is in no way a round-up of all the great Fall cookbooks – it’s a peek at what I’ve got.  Let me know what books you’re loving.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already know that, my husband, Michael, and I spent a few days in Copenhagen and Stockholm.  What a delicious trip!  And what good recommendations I got from friends, including Hana Asbrink, Lisa Abend, Irene Wong, James Wayman and, as always, my best travel resources and companions, my kids, Linling Tao and Joshua Greenspan.
If I lived in Copenhagen, you would always be able to find me at either Hart Bageri, Juno the Bakery,  or its sister, around the corner, At The Counter.

Take a look at this, from At The Counter

And this from Juno

And this gorgeous bun from Hart

Any city would be lucky to have one place as stellar at Hart,  Juno or At The Counter, but to have a trio, puts Copenhagen on the heaven-for-bakers list.  I was sorry not to get to Lillebrors Bageri or to have coffee at Atelier September (so pretty!), but we were glad to get to Democratic Coffee Bar and the excellent Coffee Collectif, both minutes from where we were staying.
Thank you Richard Hart and extraordinary pastry chef Milton Abel for welcoming me into the magical kitchens of Hart Bageri.

Here’s Richard with one of his lithe and lively starters (that’s Wendy shaping loaves in the background)

And here I am with Milton and his pastry team

The first morsels we tasted in Stockholm were the delicious Cardamom Buns from Fabrique

We had taken the train from the airport (the train systems in both Cophenhagen and Stockholm are wonders) and were walking to our hotel when the aroma of cardamom stopped us.  Fabrique has just opened in New York City and Charlotte Druckman (she of Women on Food) wrote about their cardamom buns for the New York Times.  Here’s the story and here’s the recipe for the buns (subscription required).
We had delicious cookies from Bageri Petrus, a splurge stay at the beautiful Ett Hem and a wonderful afternoon and dinner at Fotografiska, the photography museum (it will soon open a branch in New York). 

I have been haunted by this remarkable photo from the exhibit by Jimmy Nelson

One of the real highlights of our three quick days in Stockholm was a visit to the remarkable biodynamic farm and gardens at Rosendals Tradgard

We got to spend a little time with Helene Lucchesi, the baker.  Here she is in front of the 16-ton wood-fired oven she works with each day.  

And the other was the time we spent with Mia Ohren in her studio. 

Mia was getting ready for a party to launch her newest book and Michael and I got to taste a slice of her just-from-the-oven apple cake.  Dusted with cardamom and cinnamon and still warm, it was almost as delightful as Mia.

I’ll be posting more about my trip on Instagram and Facebook.  
In the meantime, I’ll be celebrating Everyday Dorie’s birthday and doing what I hope you always do: cook, bake and share!
Sending sweet wishes – xoxo Dorie  
All pictures from Everyday Dorie are by Ellen Silverman

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