Coffee Malteds: July’s (belated) #cookiesandkindness Recipe

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I am swamped this month!  I’m trying to finish the manuscript for my next book – maybe I didn’t even mention this? Hmmm – Everyday Dorie.  And so, everyday is a bit crazy.  Sometimes so crazy that I forget important things, like this month’s recipe for #cookiesandkindness.  Sorry.

This month, I’m keeping it light and easy with Coffee Malteds, page 116 in Dorie’s Cookies (or you can get the recipe here).  Small, simple, drop cookies, these pack a couple of surprises: the flavor of malted milk and ground coffee, preferably espresso.  The cookies are baked until they look ‘almost done’ and then left to develop an appealing chewiness.

I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you that these are great with a little dulce de leche.  And coffee … of course.

What they’re best with is kindness!  Bake some and share many.  And if you post what you’ve baked and shared, tagged them #cookiesandkindness and tag me @doriegreenspan if you’d like me to see what you’re up to.

And, if you’d like to get some cool stuff to go with your cookies – I love the stickers! – click over for some fun.