Catching Up With #cookiesandkindness Bakers

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Want to be happy?  Do what I do every day: Go to Instagram, tap #cookiesandkindness into the search bar and spend a minute looking at the cookies that bakers around the world have baked and shared with people.

Want to be even happier?  Bake and share cookies yourself!

I’ve posted cookie recipes for you to bake and there’s even a way for you to get hang tags for your cookies (also the cute stickers in the banner photo). 

Just bake, share and post, tagging your pix #cookiesandkindness and giving me a shout-out — @doriegreenspan – so that I can find you.  And if you’ve used a recipe from my new book, Dorie’s Cookies, tag it #Dories_Cookies 

Need more incentive to bake and share, take a look  … 


These beauties from @bakerloostation were for the GoBo! Foundation


These, by @todiforbakery, went to a teachers’ meeting


Chocolate-chip cookies ready for the oven from @francophiledallas 


Pumpkin cookies from @twopeasandpod 

Breakfast Biscotti

Breakfast Biscotti, October’s recipe from Dorie’s Cookies, by me!

Banner picture is from @marymdodd, who brought Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies to her son’s soccer game.