Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook

2019 James Beard General Cookbook Award Finalist

The book’s got everything from nuts (literally, the first recipe in Everyday Dorie is for candied cocktail nuts) and soup (I got a little carried away with variations on chowder — they’re all fabulous) to mains, vegetables (the picture on the table of contents is of a Summer Vegetable Tian that makes even so-so vegetables taste so, so good) and desserts, of course (I can’t wait for you to taste my quirky version of Eton Mess).

I think of these recipes as surprising. The names of the recipes might sound familiar, but wait until you try them. I’ve managed to sneak some unexpected fun and extra goodness into so many of the dishes. I think you’ll love the walnuts in the meatballs and the mix of Parm and mascarpone hidden in an onion galette.

I also think of the recipes as being just what the title says, “Everyday”. There’s food for weekdays and weekends, for full meals with several courses and for meals at which you put a few things on the table, let everyone mix and match, take, share, stay put and enjoy.

It’s casual, delicious food, simply made with ingredients you probably already have at home. I don’t do fussy, but I do do inviting and comforting.

I really love this book!

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Like cookbooks labeled “simple,” the descriptor “everyday” means something different to every cook. For Greenspan, it involves a lot of really good fresh produce, herbs and citrus, and an element of surprise. Roasted squash hummus gets acidity and fruitiness from pomegranate molasses; turkey meatball soup gets a hit of heat from freshly grated ginger; and pear upside down cake is spiked with Chinese five spice instead of the usual cinnamon and nutmeg. Other standouts include oven charred peppers stuffed with cherry tomatoes, a lettuce soup with scallops, and a show-stopping triple layer parsnip cake with cranberries.  One thing you’ll find in Everyday Dorie that isn’t always in other cookbooks: explanations of what to look for: the sights, sounds, and smells of a dish in process, and clues for when it’s done. It’s a wonderful way to learn to cook anything, from a fried egg to a 10-layer torte, and a hallmark of Greenspan’s style.


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If you’ve ever wanted to stop by Dorie Greenspan’s house for dinner, this book is a nice consolation prize. This is “elbows-on-the-table” food, Greenspan says in the introduction. Dishes like oven-charred tomato-stuffed peppers, a caramelized onion galette with parm cream, fresh-off-the-cob corn chowder, and braised lamb shanks with tomatoes and olives. “These days I have only one rule,” Greenspan explains. “There must be dessert! Please follow it.” With recipes for boozy jumbled fruit croustade and triple-layer parsnip and cranberry cake, that won’t be hard.

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Dorie Greenspan, a guru in many different fields, is now turning to everyday cooking, bringing with her original ideas and lots of culinary know-how. In Everyday Dorie, a clam chowder can be made with Thai aromatics; bread pudding turns to a savory celebration; and cheesy gougères are lifted with a mustardy kick. Dorie isn’t a prisoner to tradition, and she gives you the liberty to vary, adapt and eat deliciously.

Yotam Ottolenghi

Dorie’s stuff works. It’s practical. It’s compelling. In Everyday Dorie she effortlessly represents how we cook today—a culinary mashup that promises a bigger helping of fun and adventure in the kitchen

Christopher Kimball

If what you’d like more than anything else is to be invited over to Dorie’s house, have her pour you a glass of wine and cook you something simple and comforting but irresistible, then this book is for you. Packed with elegant, yet accessible recipes, Everyday Dorie gives us a glimpse into the kitchen of one of our most beloved food writers and answers the eternal question of what to cook.

Samin Nosrat

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