My newest book, BAKING WITH DORIE, SWEET, SALTY & SIMPLE (published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) isn’t here yet, but I already know it’s birthday: October 19, 2021. It’s a Libra, like my husband Michael. And it’s going to have a great pre-order bonus (scroll down).

Baking with Dorie Choc-Chip Cookies

It’s a baking book that will take you from breakfast breads, muffins and cakes to late-night treats. From cookies to dunk in milk to pastries to pair with wine. There are lots of cookies, of course, and cakes and a plethora of pies and tarts too. And there’s a terrific chapter called Salty Side Up, Satisfying Suppers, Sides and More.

Tomato Tart

I can’t wait for you to try the gorgeous tall, knotted, round Twist Bread; elegant and easy Apricot-Pistachio Olive Oil Cake; so, so good Peanut-Butter Chocolate-Chip Cookies Paris-Style (worthy of an ooh-la-la); all the shortbreads and rugelachs; cream-puff sticks that look like Pockys; apple pandowdy, crisp, crumble and pie; Father’s Day Pie (with blueberries and cherries); and every crust in the book, from crumb to herby or nutty. Of course, what I really can’t wait for is for you try everything.

As new as BAKING WITH DORIE is, it shares something important with my other books – all of the recipes are simple, the techniques are basic and you’ll find just about everything you need to bake your way through the book at your local supermarket.

There are 150 recipes and mini-collections that I call Sweethearts – they’re the kinds of recipes that I turn to often and just can’t stop riffing on.

The seven Sweethearts in BAKING WITH DORIE are:

• Brioche
• Layer Cakes
• Chocolate-Chip Cookies (just when I thought I’d made every kind imaginable, I made more!)
• Apples, Apples, Apples – all manner of pies and tarts
• Cream Puff Pastries
• Meringues
• Crusts

And wait until you see the photographs by Mark Weinberg!

Lemon Meringue Layer Cake

The book is available for pre-order* everywhere – just see below – so I hope you’ll order early.

If you order online, save your proof of purchase. And if you order from your local bookstore, save that proof too. We’re planning a nifty bonus for all of you before the book officially launches. A special gift for early birds.

I can’t wait for you to have BAKING WITH DORIE. I can’t wait until we’ll be baking together – xoxoDorie 

*P.S. a note on why pre-orders are so important. A conversation with my publisher was a lesson in how things work in publishing – something you’d think I’d have known after all these years. The bottom-line is that pre-orders are a big deal for a book. Pre-orders, no matter when you’ve ordered, as long as it’s before publication date, count towards the first week of sales.  The number of sales directly affects whether or not Baking with Dorie makes the New York Times Best Seller list. Strong pre-order sales also give retailers an idea of how well the book will sell. It encourages them to order more copies and could land my cookbook in even more retailers across the country. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Thank you, thank you – xoxo


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Dorie Greenspan