It’s Here! It’s Here! Dorie’s Cookies

When I first posted about my new book, I said, “I can’t wait for you to see this book!”  And, of course, I still can’t, but now it’s easier – the book is available NOW! IRL!

This is such an exciting book for me. It’s got a whole new look and a cover that’s my favorite color: Purple! Oh, and it’s got recipes, of course. Lots of them. There are cookies of every kind imaginable and some that you might not have imagined. You’ll be surprised at how many of our favorite sweets can be cookie-ized.

There are everyday cookies and cookies for weekends (recipes that take a bit more time), holidays (you’ll be everyone’s fav at this year’s cookie swaps) and celebrations. There are bars and brownies and biscotti and the kinds of cookies that make big batches for parties. And there are all the recipes for the cookies that I created for Beurre & Sel, the cookie adventure that Joshua, my son, and I launched a few years ago. In the front of this beautiful (chubby) book there’s a Cookie-Making Handbook that guarantees that every cookie you make will be perfect, even if you’re new to the craft.

Of course, there’ll be lots more news about the book, but for now, I have just one word to say: HOORAY!


It’s Here! It’s Here! Dorie’s Cookies

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Dorie Greenspan