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BAKING WITH DORIE has arrived!

Baking with Dorie is here! In the world! In kitchens! And I’m thrilled! After 14 books, I still get excited – happy / nervous / jumpy / teary / a bit nutty – on pub day. It’s remarkable to see something I’ve worked on for three years pop into the world. Remarkable to see the work of so many talented people bound between covers. Thank you everyone who touched this book and made it possible. Thank you everyone who baked from the book and will bake from the book. I’m so looking forward to the months ahead when we’ll be baking with each other.


My fourteenth cookbook is the first one to take us all through the day, from breakfast recipes (breads, muffins, scones, and these English Muffins) to night-time indulgences (I’ve got some new gougères that are great for nibbling with a glass of wine).

There’s a chapter on savory baking – Salty Side Up – that includes recipes for the vegetable tarts and pies, quiches and quick breads that I serve often.  I love the Vegetable Ribbon Tart that I think of as “fridge fancy,” because it looks so elegant, even though the crust and filling (sometimes hummus, sometimes tzatziki or guacamole) are supermarket ready-mades and the topping, a riot of raw vegetables, can be anything you want; for me, it’s usually odds and ends from the crisper.

Of course there are cookies. You’ll find bars and brownies and squares, cookies for holidays and for every day. Some might be new to you, like the Iced Spiced Hermits, Glenorchy Flapjacks, or Rye Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies, but I’ve also updated my most famous cookie. I hope you enjoy the World Peace Cookies 2.0!

And you’ll find pies and tarts to take you through the year. Make the Maple-Walnut Pie for Thanksgiving, the Cocoa-Cranberry Linzer Tart for Christmas, the French Riviera Lemon Tart over the long winter, and then welcome spring with the Chocolate-Rhubarb Tart. When June rolls around, you can make the Father’s Day Blueberry- Cherry Pie, a mix of cherries and blueberries, and top it with homemade berry ice cream.

Baking with Dorie includes recipes inspired by my travels, like the glossy-topped almond cake that a Swedish pastry chef taught me—she also taught me about the custom of fika, the daily breaks for coffee, conversation and something sweet that are cherished throughout her country. And the Lisbon Chocolate Cake, a dense, almost brownie-like layer topped with a whipped dark chocolate ganache. I had it at a café where the coffee-and-tea menu was long and the dessert menu short—it was just this cake.

I was glad to make a special place for those recipes that use brioche dough and those based on cream puff dough, to highlight chocolate chip cookies, meringues, layer cakes for celebrations big and small and pies, pandowdies, crisps and pastries made with apples, including a splendid tarte Tatin that’s foolproof, even for first-timers.

Along with a cast of dozens – among them Mark Weinberg, Samantha Seneviratne, Brooke Deonarine, Laura Manzano, Mary Dodd, Sarah Kwak, Rux Martin, Mia Johnson, David Black and the team at HMH / Mariner Books – I’ve worked on this book for three years, crafting the recipes, tinkering, tinkering and tinkering some more, and thinking about all of you who bake at home. These recipes were made for you and the fact that you now have them and can make them, thrills me. Yes, this is my fourteenth book, but you know what – nothing about the thrill of pub day has diminished in the 30 years since my first book made its way into the world.


Some of you who pre-ordered and received some bonus recipes in advance have already been diving in. I want to see everything that you’re making from the book, so please remember to tag me. I’m @doriegreenspan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and don’t forget to include the hastag #bakingwithdorie – I’ll try to get as many of your bakes up on my feeds as I can. 

In addition, the incredible Tuesdays with Dorie group (they’ve baked their way through almost 1,000 of my recipes over the years) are back at it and baking their way through Baking with Dorie, starting with the Miso-Maple Loaf Cake. It’s so fun to see what they’re already posting, and you’re welcome to join them! 


While Baking with Dorie will be out in the world, I won’t be. I’m going to miss seeing you – I’ll miss the chats, the talk about baking, the recipe swaps and the hugs. Of course I’ll miss the hugs. But thanks to the marvels of technology, I’ll be touring from my kitchen and you can join me from yours – take a look at my schedule and see if there’s an event you can jump into.

I’ll also be chronicling this adventure, giving behind-the-scenes peeks and sharing a bunch of recipes from my books and from friends on my newsletter, xoxoDorie. If you’re not already subscribed (it’s free and it lands in your inbox twice a week), I hope you’ll sign up. Bring your friends along too. It’s another chance for us to talk baking and cooking and to share what we love.

Hugs from here – xoxoDorie 

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