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A Recipe from Everyday Dorie: Giverny Tomatoes

I love this recipe from Everyday Dorie so much and so want you to make it that if you don’t, I’ll have to come to your home and make it for you! It’s a very unusual way to serve tomatoes this summer.  The tomatoes are peeled (a quick job – really) and cored before a mixture of sugar and lime zest is spooned into the hollow you’ve made.  It’s brushed with citrus-scented olive oil and cooked at very, very low temperature until it’s almost candied.  It sounds like dessert, but it’s really the most perfect starter of the season.  I had a few years ago at a beautiful restaurant in Giverny, France – hence the name – and have been making it ever since.

The recipe (and other sneak-peek recipes) is over on the Everyday Dorie site.  Click over and you’ll also find information about the book and how to pre-order it – it pubs October 23 – xoDorie 

Dorie Greenspan


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