EVERYDAY DORIE: A mini sneak peek

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In case you haven’t heard me screaming it from the rooftops, my next book, Everyday Dorie, is coming out October 23, 2018, and it’s available for pre-order now. As in now!

I posted a quick here-is-what-the-book-is-about and thought it would be fun to give you a baby sneak peek about what’s inside.

Here’s the table of contents … 

There are over 125 recipes. (I should count again because I think there might be over 150!) The book’s got everything from nuts (literally, the first recipe in Everyday Dorie is for candied cocktail nuts) and soup (I got a little carried away with variations on chowder – they’re all fabulous) to mains, vegetables (the picture on the table of contents is of a Summer Vegetable Tian that makes even so-so vegetables taste so, so good) and desserts, of course (I can’t wait for you to taste my quirky version of Eton Mess).

I think of these recipes as surprising. The names of the recipes might sound familiar, but wait until you try them. I’ve managed to sneak some unexpected fun and extra goodness into so many of the dishes. I think you’ll love the walnuts in the meatballs and the mix of Parm and mascarpone hidden in an onion galette.

I also think of the recipes as being just what the title says, “Everyday”. There’s food for weekdays and weekends, for full meals with several courses and for meals at which you put a few things on the table, let everyone mix and match, take, share, stay put and enjoy.

It’s casual, delicious food, simply made with ingredients you probably already have at home. I don’t do fussy, but I do do inviting and comforting.

I really love this book! I love the gorgeous photographs – there are oodles of them. I love the recipes. And I love that when Everyday Dorie is finally out in the world, we’ll be able to trade stories about the food we cook from the book and the people we share it with.

More soon. xoxo now – Dorie/PS: More now