I have loved Christine Moore of @littleflowerbaking ever since I…

I have loved Christine Moore of @littleflowerbaking ever since I met her more than 10 years ago. She is as kind and generous as she is talented, and she and her baker, Cecilia, are amazingly talented. Even knowing this, I was stunned last week when I walked into @vromansbookstore and discovered that they’d baked a selection of cookies from #doriescookies for the event. The cookies were gorgeous and the hugs from Christine and Cecilia were just as sweet. For good measure, they sent me off with a basket of treats to see me through the rest of the week’s travels. If you don’t know @littleflowerbaking , their fabulous caramels, cookies and those marshmallows – you should. Take a look at their book too #LittleFlowerBaking Thank you x 1000 for making my book tour even sweeter – xoxDorie

Dorie Greenspan

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